Senior’s Health

Many senior patients experience great results after using homeopathy for the first time. Common age-related health conditions such as osteoporosis, balance problems, depression, injuries from falls, diabetes and other conditions, are manageable with the right homeopathic treatment.

Since homeopathic remedies are made from toxic substances that have been diluted manifold, they are deemed safe as long as prescribed by a professional homeopath. The remedies do not have side effects and have long-lasting beneficial action on the mind and body.

Ageing is an inevitable process in life but by maintaining our health and vitality, we can enjoy growing old and the unique opportunities to come. Alongside the many benefits of growing old, come physical, social and psychological changes that challenge our quality of life. Homeopathy, being a whole health system addresses all these challenges in a holistic way.

We believe that preventing chronic illness is the key, but embracing healthy change is just as important – so we can start looking forward to tomorrow, today. And this is where we provide appropriate health advice based on individual needs, and prescribing homeopathic remedies for both preventing and managing the myriad of age-related conditions.

We offer homeopathic consultation in our clinic, over Skype and home visits. To request an appointment or ask a question, please call us on (03) 5904 9289 or 0431 173 270. You can also email us anytime.  



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