Our Organic Products

Introducing Natural Skin and Hair Care Organic Products

Over the past several years of treating clients with skin and hair care problems, we noticed many clients were using products that contained harmful toxins that was affecting their skin. During the course of homeopathic treatments, we discovered if clients switched to using natural based and organic products, there was a visible difference during and after the treatment course.

Why Choose Natural Products

There is a debatable argument over how much our skin absorbs products, some studies have shown up to 60% of the topical products absorbs directly into the skin, therefore, using organic natural products as opposed to chemicals will not only be easier for the skin to absorb, it will ultimately help your skin to look and feel great without disrupting our bodies largest living organ.

Hakim Natural Health, is committed to helping clients feel at ease when undertaking homeopathic treatments for skin and hair, therefore we hand make each product with 100% Australian made natural bases and Australian Certified organic herbal extracts. Our products are not tested on animals and are suitable for vegans. We try our best to source Palm oil free products and have so far been successfully making our products Palm oil free, however there is no guarantee in future due to manufacturing in which a portion of the product is not palm oil free.

You are welcome to buy our natural skin and haircare organic products individually by simply completing this order form: HNH Products and sending to rehnaz@hakimnaturalhealth.com.au, however for a more comprehensive and effective treatment, book a Homeopathic Consultation.




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