Men’s Health

Homeopathy offers a safe, agreeable treatment option for an array of men’s health conditions. There are homeopathic remedies available for managing men’s health problems such as prostate diseases, low testosterone, heart diseases and chronic intestinal diseases.

Homeopathy works in a way that directs the body’s immune system to fight off illnesses. Many men turn to homeopathy because homeopaths spend more time listening to their problems and work with them to manage their lifestyle along with a proper treatment plan.

We approach men’s health problems through an in-depth consultation either in clinic or over Skype. This involves listening to client articulating his problems, observing for any changes in physical health, understanding how lifestyle affects client’s emotional state, and utilising information from medical reports to work out a complete homeopathic treatment plan.

After prescribing a homeopathic remedy, we encourage patients to come back so that we can monitor their progress as and when required. As homeopathy acts gently on the overall body and mind, we find that most men willingly come back to report on their progress.

We offer homeopathic consultation in our clinic, over Skype and home visits. To request an appointment or ask a question, please call us on (03) 5904 9289 or 0431 173 270. You can also email us anytime.  



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