About Hakim Natural Health

Homeopathic Medicine Clinic In South East Melbourne

Hakim Natural Health is a registered Homeopathic Medicine Clinic for infants, children, teens, adults and seniors. We strive to provide clients a better quality homeopathic treatment for an array of health conditions to help improve their health and wellbeing. With this service, we are able to prescribe homeopathic remedies for a range of diseases and conditions.

What Hakim Natural Health Does

For couples, individuals and families who know they need help for a short-lived or long-lasting health problem and are looking for more natural treatment solution, that's where we come in.


Start with a 1-hour CHRONIC HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT where we’ll dive into your long-term (chronic) health history. Our goal is to understand enough about you and your physical, mental and emotional symptoms to select the most appropriate homeopathic medicine. After the homeopathic consultation, we will study and analyse the information you’ve provided and prescribe a homeopathic medicine or several homeopathic remedies that address your important symptoms.  

Then, clients who have taken the first prescription over a period of time are encouraged to book a follow up consultation where we’ll review your symptoms. A well-matched homeopathic medicine will produce a characteristic pattern of healing that is readily understood by a homeopath. You’ll feel a shift in your state, an increase in energy and a general sense of wellbeing.
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Clients who need homeopathic remedies to manage their day-to-day short-lived (acute) illnesses such as a cold or a child’s ear infection can take advantage of our Short Homeopathic Treatment service and treatment that is beneficial for your health.

Who Hakim Natural Health Is

Hakim Natural Health is led by Soofi Aziz, an Australian Certified Homeopathic Consultant. Soofi has developed a reputation for being an excellent homeopath and particularly enjoys helping people restore health through the practice of homeopathy. Soofi is particularly active in helping families with young children where he’s known for being friendly, easy-going and caring. 
As a South East Melbourne Homeopathic Medicine clinic, Hakim Natural Health is pleased to work with individuals, couples and families in the South East of Melbourne as well as throughout Australia. Contact us and we’ll schedule an appointment to discuss your health needs. We typically provide face-to-face and Skype homeopathic consultation, and can also be counted on to provide homeopathic products for skin care, and general health and lifestyle advice. 
You can find Hakim Natural Health on major health insurance providers, including NIB, HCF and Medibank. Depending on the agreement with your provider, you’ll receive a government rebate to help cover the cost of a portion of your homeopathic consultation. Check out our Rebates page to find out how to claim your rebate. 
We understand that you are seeking an alternative treatment or looking for natural remedies to complement conventional medicine. As a patient, you want to get to the root cause of your health issues and not just suppress the symptoms. When you are looking for a safe and effective alternative therapy, come to Hakim Natural Health Homeopathic Medicine clinic for help! 

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