Homeopathic Practice

Hakim Natural Health is a homeopathic practice owned and operated by Homeopath Soofi Aziz. He has helped hundreds of clients recover from their acute or chronic health problems using homeopathic remedies. Soofi offers his clients a choice between face-to-face clinic consultation or long-distance video call, giving his clients the added flexibility of using different devices such as a laptop, tablet and mobile phone.




Frequently Asked Questions


Homœopathy is a therapy based on the theory of treating like with like. Homœopaths treat a patient’s symptoms by giving a highly diluted form of a substance, animal, vegetable, or mineral, which, taken in a crude dose, would cause similar symptoms when given to a healthy person. 

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Homœopathy works by using minute doses of substances which, when taken in large quantities, cause symptoms similar to the illness being treated. Examples of the application of this principle...

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The system of homœopathy is based on the selection of a medicine that causes symptoms similar to those that the sick person is experiencing. This ‘Law of Similars’, as it is called, is a practical method of finding the substance to which a person is sensitive. 

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